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Sanitary Packages

Pick Pre-Packaged Sanitary Heater Systems are designed to efficiently meet food and pharmaceutical industry processing needs, from pilot scale laboratory units to production scale packages. Pilot Scale For laboratories or pilot operations, Picks pilot scale packages are sized for your needs. These pre-engineered turnkey systems generally utilize Pick”s smallest heater, rated at capacities of up to 150 pounds of steam per hour and liquid flows as low as ½ gallon per minute. The system includes everything you need to explore the advantages of in-line heating at your facility, with your product formulation. One compact package can include pre-cook slurry tank, product pump, flash chamber, electronic controls and sensors, automated valves and all associated piping. Standard, pre-engineered systems are available, but Pick would also be happy to custom-engineer one for your specific requirements.

Production Scale Pick has substantial experience in designing production-scale Sanitary Direct Steam Injection systems for a wide variety of food and pharmaceutical industry applications. Customized to your floor space, utility and processing requirements, these production scale units can easily handle finished product flow rates of 200 gallons per minute…or more! Compact and easy to install, Pick Direct Steam Injection systems can be easily adapted to existing production lines. They only require a steam source and plant compressed air. Pick will be happy to design a custom system perfect for your needs. Pick Customized Pre-Packaged Sanitary Heater Systems Deliver:

  • Single source of supply
  • Portable skids, wall mounts or floor mounted packages
  • Compact design to maximize space
  • Fully assembled package that is ready for operation (includes re-circulation pump, complete valving, controls and instrumentation in a skid-mounted package)
  • Choice of a variety of component materials and mounting configurations
  • Proven customer satisfaction…around the world

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