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Pick Case Studies

Pick Steam Injection Heaters are used throughout the industry for applications ranging from plant sanitation to process heating to in-line cooking, with success. Here are some cases of a Pick Heater being the proper fit for a variety of applications.

CIP – Pick’s compact and efficient CIP systems mount right in-line providing ultra-fast heat up of CIP solutions. Pick systems save time, space and energy over inefficient steam sparging and indirect heating methods. Stainless steel and sanitary units are available. Get back to production quicker with Pick.
Nitrogen Injection– Some producers needed to effectively inject nitrogen into their product to alter texture, volume and expiration. Pick provided a package to fit their needs which included the injection body, pressure regulator, metering system and a control box.
Pasteurizer- In order to sterilize systems of microbial bug and bacterial growth, companies around the world have used Pick’s HTST turnkey systems to eliminate the problems. The system includes a heater, control panel, plate exchanger and the feed tank and uses steam to successfully pasteurize the slurry.
Hose Station- Pick has provided systems to supply hot water to hose stations that handle a wide range of demands, vary in usage frequency as well as having multiple locations per system. Accurate temperature control is critical for effective and safe plant wash downs.

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